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Inventory Management

Whatever your high-value inventory requires, there’s an MNX solution for you. We’re the world’s largest, independent mission-critical logistics provider. That means we have the scale to accommodate any size of inventory, anywhere—as well as the infrastructure and expertise to manage distribution to 190 countries.
Our customizable IT systems can quickly integrate with any carrier, data provider or other partner. In addition, we’re acknowledged as having the industry’s best customer support model. More than a parcel carrier, we’re focused on solving critical logistics challenges. That makes us carrier-agnostic—and a full-time advocate for your success.

The MNX Way

It Starts with Success

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High value, high security, high criticality: when there’s no room for error, there’s the expert warehousing of MNX.
Temperature Controlled Storage
Whatever temperature range your items require—from ambient to frozen—there’s an MNX facility built for you.
Cold-Chain Packaging
Nothing matters more than maintaining the integrity of your cold chain products in transit. So we provide precisely the right packaging to ensure safe and secure shipping.
Forward Stocking
Where should you place your forward stocking locations (FSLs) to optimize your network? That’s where the expertise of MNX comes in.

Our Other Service Specialties

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