Temperature Controlled

We are experts in transporting, storing and safely handling temperature-sensitive items from ambient to frozen.

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Temperature Controlled Accuracy for Items in Storage

Temperature Controlled Environments

Temperature Integrity

Our spectrum of cold-storage products can accommodate all types of products, big and small. Our climate controlled containers can maintain an ambient, controlled environment (+15°C to +25°C), refrigerated (+2°C to +8°C)—and frozen (-20°C to -80°C) range.

Continuous Surveillance

Rest assured that when your product is stored in our facility, it’s under constant 24/7/365 surveillance to ensure temperature integrity. We have a backup power source in all our temperature controlled warehouses so your product is protected, no matter what.

End-to-End Temperature Monitoring

When your products leave our facility, our temperature monitoring technology monitors vital statistics such as temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, light exposure and shock. Should any of these variables go out-of-range, MNX solution specialists will stop at nothing to restore the required environmental conditions.

Global Cold Chain Network

With more than 50 years in time-critical logistics, we've cultivated a dependable network of air and ground service partners who we trust to maintain chain of custody of the most critical temperature-sensitive shipments.

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Cold-Chain Packaging and Storage

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Our mobile freezers are battery powered and easy to transport. They offer excellent product security.

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Our passive cooling systems provide multi-day insulation and maintain extremely consistent temperatures.

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We provide cost-effective, recyclable, and highly versatile cardboard storage containers.

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We are proud to offer reusable coolers with inserts that can be easily returned and used again and again.