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Same-Day Ground

When selecting a courier service, what should you consider? Evaluating local courier services can be complex and challenging, because there are so many operators—each with its own way of conducting business. That’s when quality and experience matter. That’s when you need MNX the most.

No matter where you’re delivering locally, we’re already there 24/7/365. That familiarity is key to improving efficiency, delivering on time and ensuring certainty of cost. We know our way around major facilities, such as hospitals and military bases. Our 20,000-plus drivers are TSA-trained and certified, so they can operate seamlessly at airports.

We can even support and help manage your own fleet of couriers and drivers, so you can focus your time and resources elsewhere.

In short—when you need to deliver locally—the shortest distance between where you are and where you’re headed is MNX.

The MNX Way

It Starts with Success

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