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Logistics—for Life

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Logistics—for Life

High standards, high value and high complexity: it’s the nature of logistics for the life sciences and healthcare industries. It takes precision, passion and partnership to transport your healthcare and medical packages around the world. Many are irreplaceable. Most are time critical and/or temperature critical. And all impact the health and quality of life for patients everywhere. We never forget that—which is why we are dedicated to delivering the precision logistics you need to bring hope to the world.
From transporting lifesaving radiopharmaceuticals and irreplaceable lab specimens—to organs for transplant, high-value medical devices and more. MNX is the reliable partner that routinely solves complex logistics issues every day. At MNX, it’s not just a package. It’s a patient.
Our life sciences experience is as deep as our network is wide. MNX and our service partners deliver to 190 countries and territories via more than 20,000 couriers and 700+ forward stocking locations. Uniformed, professional couriers are trained to provide white-glove service—for example, delivering surgical kits directly to the OR.
MNX Solution Specialists will work with you to create the most effective logistics strategy. And supporting them is a proprietary suite of technology that empowers us to integrate easily with your IT systems, monitor shipments 24/7 and other innovations that support safe, reliable on-time delivery.
You care for patients. We care for your logistics. MNX is here to help you advance the quality of care.
Life Science Specialties
Life Sciences Control Tower
This is the heart of precision logistics for transportation, supply chain, monitoring and integrated solutions—all tailored specifically for the life sciences and healthcare industries.
Transportation Services
From the most time-critical delivery to specialty freight, the life sciences and healthcare industries require unique expertise—which is precisely what you’ll find at MNX.
Cold Chain Storage and Warehousing
From accommodating the full range of temperature control needs to storing dangerous goods (DG), handling packaging needs and more, MNX is the only solution you need.
Customers We Serve

Nuclear Medicine

From transporting raw isotopes for generators to patient-ready, unit doses for clinical sites of care, MNX has the expertise, DG certifications, technology and partnerships to make time-critical deliveries around the world routine.

Clinical Trials

Continuity is key—and MNX delivers with precision logistics, reliably transporting trial pharmaceuticals and APIs to clinical sites and direct to patients.

Cellular Therapy

Count on MNX to help close the gaps in the care delivery continuum from vein to vein. We ship apheresis blood and treatments in NO2 Dewar containers. To help ensure the integrity of every shipment, we monitor temperature closely.

Independent Reference Labs

Trust your irreplaceable lab specimens to a world leader in this highly complex logistics field. Every day, major IRLs around the globe turn to MNX.

Hospitals and Health Systems

When white-glove, on-time delivery matter most, MNX is there with your medical implants, devices and other high value supplies. Because we know campus layouts, we can quickly navigate in-hospital right to your door.

Blood and Cord Blood

Urgent, irreplaceable and highly regulated: transporting blood and cord blood is far from routine—unless you’re MNX.


Whether it’s a hot-shot drive or air charter for a transplant—or a less urgent delivery to a research facility. MNX’s proven reliability and white-glove service will give you confidence.

Medical devices

Every day, we handle in-hospital delivery of a full range of medical devices, from Class I to Class III. We also transport diagnostic equipment between sites of care, as part of a health system’s loaner program.

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