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Control Tower

This is the heart of The MNX Way: a team of expert Solution Specialists leveraging precision logistics technology and key partnerships to deliver greater value to the life sciences and healthcare industries.

MNX Solution Specialists are trained in the unique regulatory requirements of handling life sciences and healthcare shipments.
Our Control Tower includes tailored solutions across the healthcare logistics continuum—including transportation, supply chain, monitoring and integrated solutions.
Here’s a closer look at how these four capabilities come together to create the precision logistics you need.

The MNX Way

Related Specialties

Transportation Services
From the most time-critical delivery to specialty freight, the life sciences and healthcare industries require unique expertise—which is precisely what you’ll find at MNX.
Cold Chain Storage and Warehousing
From accommodating the full range of temperature control needs to storing dangerous (DG), handling packaging needs and more, MNX is the only solution you need.


Ready to Conquer the Chaos?

In the wrong hands, even the best tools can fall short. Any logistics provider can ship a box, charter a plane or provide warehousing. What matters more is using these and other services to create a logistics solution precisely for you. That takes a unique understanding of your business—and just as important—the tenacity to deliver on time, every time no matter what.

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