Business Intelligence

With our support, you can reveal actionable insights hidden inside your logistics data.

Reliable Data to Set You Ahead

MNX Business Intelligence helps businesses boost performance and improve efficiency. Our tracking system helps you maintain complete visibility over your shipping activity from any web-enabled device. You can receive a custom reporting and data management dashboard that will give you an accurate, real-time view, from anywhere.

With our support, your organization can make more informed decisions—target specific corrective actions—and put the power of precision logistics in the palm of your hand. MNX offers the tools and partnership to transform information into actionable steps that improve your business.

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Enhanced System Features

We know that each business has unique shipping requirements which is why we’ve created a robust menu of features, to ensure each customer has what they need.

Full Transportation and Lane Analysis

View, filter and export your full shipping history, so you can identify trends based on historical data.

Deep Inventory Insights

Get a 360-degree view of your inventory anytime. Obtain and analyze key data points—such as inventory on hand, what’s in transit, stocking levels and quarantined items across the MNX network.

Comprehensive Spend Analysis

To help you make more informed decisions, gain full visibility and deep insights into your total logistics spend with MNX. Identify trends so you can make strategic decisions without compromising on quality.

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Explore Our Technologies

When the integrity of your shipment matters most, our API & Web Services can give you confidence every step of the way. Find your missing link here.