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Customer Portal

Now you can have greater control over your entire shipping network and all the data behind it. Use our single, easy-to-use web portal for placing shipment orders, generating shipping labels and tracking shipments in real time. Plus, get access to comprehensive reporting, so you can identify trends that will help optimize performance.
Imagine having unprecedented, real-time visibility to every shipment everywhere. Just as important, gain more control over your shipping spend and have the data and analytics to perform more accurate cost analyses.
MNX systems will integrate quickly and seamlessly with yours, via a robust set of APIs. We’re also directly integrated with airlines and parcel carriers, so we have real-time access to route information and more.
Traditional logistics providers can’t give you this level of control. This is what we mean by precision logistics. This is why MNX is the preferred logistics partner around the globe.

Features of the Customer Portal

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